Rug Cleaning Process

All rugs are not created equal; with different designs, fiber materials, weaves and dyes, every piece is a unique work of art. Our washing process brings back the rug’s original beauty while preserving its value.

Hand washing a rug is a multi-step process to preserve the rug’s beauty and sheen:

  • Pre-inspection and photo documentation
  • Cleaning method tailored for your rug
  • Prior to the wash, the rug is dusted
  • Hand-washing process that starts by using shampoo and brushes to remove soil and dirt from the rug
  • Deodorization bath to address unpleasant odors from pet urine, smoke residue, or other sources (if needed)
  • The rug is hung to speed the drying process
  • Grooming to set the pile in its original direction, and straighten the fringe
  • Final post-cleaning inspection

Area rugs should be cleaned at least once a year. If you have a rug in need of washing and rejuvenation, you can trust us to restore your rug and return it to you in excellent condition, clean and ready to entertain guests once again.  Just call 843-637-7709 to schedule pickup. Let us work our magic on your fine rug.