Church Carpet and Pew Cleaning

Azalea Carpet Cleaning serves Charleston, SC and surrounding areas with professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. 

Low Moisture Carpet cleaning

Church Carpet & Upholstery  cleaning


Carpet cleaning

Our low moisture carpet cleaning service utilizes specialized equipment and cleaners designed to safely and effectively clean your carpets. After treatment and a deep cleaning, most carpets can be returned to like-new condition. High traffic, or badly stained areas receive special treatment. Your carpets are then thoroughly cleaned & dry within a couple of hours. 

Commercial Cleaning

We provide commercial cleaning services designed to clean churches of all types & sizes. We offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services at the commercial level. We can work around your schedule & business hours. With our cleaning processes & environmentally safe solutions, your church’s cleaning needs will be in good hands.


Pew Upholstery Cleaning

Pew cleaning that saves you money and hassle. We will first inspect the pews taking careful note of there construction and material before we develop a cleaning plan. We will also be sure to inspect heavily soiled areas to be targeted. Much of a churches dust and dirt ends up on the pews, over time this can damage the material as the surface is slowly scratched and worn. Azalea Carpet Cleaning can clean your pew upholstery and leave it smelling and looking wonderful. 

Azalea Carpet Cleaning

Azalea Carpet Cleaning offers Residential/ Commercial carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning. Featuring our low moisture technique which provide clean, dry carpets fast.


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